HDMI Dummy Plug Headless Ghost Display Emulator


Newest Generation – Gold Edition

  • Compact HDMI virtual screen display adapter emulates a high resolution (UP to 4K – 3840*2160@60Hz, 1080P@120Hz) to make a computer run “headless” (without a keyboard, mouse, and monitor)
  • Simple fit plug-and-play on Windows, MAC OS, Linux; No drivers or external powered needed; Solves the Apple OSX headless display issue
  • Works great with Virtual Desktop on Oculus Rift & HTC Vive; TeamViewer on Windows Mac OS Linux Chrome OS
  • The small low-cost virtual screen display emulator is a must-have for server and colocation farms, SOHO and home servers and remote-deployed headless PCs; Great for GPGPU operations like cryptocurrency mining, rendering and simulations, game-streaming, VR and more!!

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HDMI Dummy Plug Headless Ghost Display Emulator DDC EDID Generation 4K @ 60Hz